The Monthly Skinthusiast: How To Keep Young, Glowing, Youthful Skin


Time waits for no one… not even the ones who beg. As time passes, it seems like we just roll our eyes and sneer at the fact that time just doesn’t want to be on our side at all, especially when paired up with gravity (if you know what I mean). So we are ALWAYS searching for the next best thing to help our skin stay supple and youthful, but nothing seems to really work all that well. We have a couple of solutions that we think you can use and learn to live by! Starting from the inside, then working our way out.

  1. Drink Water

    Okay. We know this is an obvious one, but honestly, who’s actually listening to that advice though? Everyone knows this one is clearly an important one, though not a lot of people understand how hydration works. Sure, you can drink a gallon of water throughout the day and think you’re next level hydrated, but there are major things contributing to your DEHYDRATION. To name a few:

    • Coffee

    • Alcohol

    • Stress

    • Excessive Exercise

    • Cigarettes

    • Salty Foods

    Bet you never saw that coming! Well…. maybe you did. But, how does it apply to most people? Well, let’s see. Most “normal” people wake up, drink coffee. Go to their stressful job, drink more coffee to stay awake and focused. They get off work and run cardio for an hour trying to sweat out the day as well as the beer and tacos that were loaded with salt that they had the night before. Then to top it off, they go out with the girls (or guys) to have a night out on the town and they “socially drink” to take the edge off and “socially smoke” while having a conversation outside with the squad. Sound familiar? If it doesn’t, then you’re on the right track! But unfortunately, this is a very common routine for a lot of younger people heading into their thirties then start wondering why when they take a good look in the mirror for once, they see crows feet, dry skin, a leathery texture, and larger pores than the last time they checked and it scared the youth out of them!

    So, needless to say, some things will have to change if you want to actually RETAIN the water you’re drinking for your skins sake. You’re going to have to drop the acidic, toxic, and highly dehydrating beverages and habits that tax your body and waste the water you’re putting into it. Not saying you can’t ever enjoy those things again, but slow down and replace them with other things that hydrate you and nourish you before the things that dehydrate you and take nutrients from you. So what are some things you can do as a substitute for the above mentioned vices? Here are some ideas!

    • Instead of drinking coffee, take clean energy like Green Tea or Green Coffee Caffeine Pills. You can also eat clean fruits and foods that give you a small sugar spike for a natural boost of energy!

    • Instead of drinking only alcohol throughout your night out, replace what would be your next alcoholic drink with a glass of water. This not only will help you stay hydrated, but it will help with tomorrows hangover prevention!

    • Instead of stressin’ all the time, meditate, do yoga, pray, or maybe take the night to yourself on your day off instead of going out (which puts stress on your body anyways).

    • Instead of doing excessive exercise, limit yourself to 30-45 minutes of specific muscle group training 3-5 times a week, ONCE a day only. This will help not only with your water retention, but also muscle growth and help reduce the stress being put on your body. There is a such thing as OVER training. So, slow down, drink water and take your protein & BCAA’s to help restore your muscle tissues and amino acids into your body.

    • Instead of smoking cigarettes, just throw the entire pack away and quit. That’s not healthy. But realistically, because that’s a bold request most won’t just do, we suggest weening off and vaping instead of inhaling Carbon Dioxide, ever. The Carbon Dioxide and the toxins are so toxic for your body and dehydrate you severely. It’s a large reason why people have faster aging skin than most! Cut the smoking!

    • And lastly, there isn’t anything wrong with eating foods that have salt, just make sure you’re eating those dishes in moderation. And instead of salt, maybe add some lime, lemon, feta cheese, liquid aminos, or a hot sauce. It will lower your sodium intake and still enhance flavor!

    So, drink more water. Live healthier. And download the Water App. It’s an app that will remind you to drink water every 30 minutes and it’s a busy persons life saver if you’re too ADHD to remember to drink water on your own!

  2. Exfoliate Properly

    Exfoliating can be an obvious thing too, but when it comes to your facial skin, people exfoliate TOO much and it can cause adverse affects. By exfoliating too much or with too rough of an exfoliant, you can make your skin too rough, you can cause scaring, dead skin overgrowth, clogged pores, larger appearing pores, and bacterial infections just to name a few.

    The sweet spot as far as how much you should exfoliate is 2 times a week or every 3-4 days. It should be done with a specific method meant for your face and a separate method is used for your body.

    The first method best for exfoliating your face is using a face wash and a dark colored wash cloth so you can not only see the dead skin as it comes off, but it’s soft enough so it doesn’t over scrub the face to the point of reaching raw skin. Once you see no more dead skin on the cloth, don’t scrub anymore. It’s all fresh skin now!

    The second best method is a face mask that peels off. This method is AMAZING and should be used at least once a week to really get deep in the pores. It can also be used as a form of skin therapy because it’s not abnormal to come across a mask that contains skin healing elements in it.

    The best methods for body exfoliation are exfoliation gloves with soap, sugar scrubs, coffee scrubs, and body polishes (coming soon… but shh) followed with a nourishing body butter or oil (also coming soon) to restore moisture back into the skin.

    Exfoliate responsibly!

  3. Use our Vitamin C Serum

    Lastly, using our Vitamin C Serum is a LIFE CHANGER. It’s like a moisturizer, but better and much lighter on your skin. The molecules are smaller than the ones in moisturizers, so it can penetrate under skin better and repair at a cellular level. It is made with Vitamin C and Citrus Stem Cells. These work together to help regenerate your skins exuberance and natural glow by restoring the collagen and firmness back into your face. It’s also a miracle for fine lines and wrinkles since it pretty much just erases them after a couple weeks of using the product! It is to be used EVERY day before anything else and can be paired with a facial moisturizer as well as our Lavender Night Cream before bed to repair as you sleep since we heal the most when we sleep.

Vitamin C Serum
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These are the three top skin tips we have for you this month! Use them and tell us how you feel about them and if you feel (or SEE) the difference! Comment below, share these tips with your fellow #skinthusiast, and enjoy your new found skin.


- The Honest Botanist Team