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the honest truth.

All new products, a new look, and a new mission statement. The Honest Botanist wants to be your home full of all natural, handmade & well sourced beauty products as well as many more products to come and to stay.

We are minimizing our inventory and becoming a specialty brand of all natural mineral rich clay, oil and herbal products Such as face masks, body & face oils, body & lip scrubs, salt baths, whipped shea butters and more. Our mission is to reinvent the definition of what beauty means. Not only is it to look beautiful, but to feel beautiful from the inside, out. We will be featuring knowledgeable and educational blog posts about health & beauty, DIY's, what our products can do for you and more! So be sure to sign up for our newsletter to receive news regarding launches. special offers, blog posts, events, etc. Welcome to the honest botanist.

- Chey mina, Founder

pre-orders | coming soon

we know that if you’re on this website, you’re looking to buy some delicious, hand-made, plant-based, all natural beauty products, we get it. That is why we are going to be launching pre-orders come the month of January! We are in the process of finalizing the finishing touches of our beloved beauty line and we are making sure they are absolutely perfect for you, your standards, and your enjoyment. We appreciate your understanding of the fact that perfection and quality is not achieved overnight <3 we hope you can pencil in our pre-order dates when we announce them very soon and that you get to order the products that jump out at you when we launch! To keep up with our journey, please sign up for our newsletter (above) and follow our instagram (@thehonestbotanist). Our mission is to bring you the best beauty experience you’ve ever had with ingredients you can pronounce and trust. And we aim to do just that. We can’t wait to see your beauty journey flourish into something honest and pure! The wait will be all too worth it for everyone.

Thank you for your support, patience and love. See you soon!


Why know what’s in your beauty routine?

The world today is blissfully ignorant to the substances they are putting in and on their body. yet, there is still confusion on why cancer, organ failure, illnesses and other skin conditions are at an all-time high. It’s not until it happens to them, when people start to really pay attention. The Honest Botanist is all about the effortless transparency people need to trust a brand with their beauty routine and skin health, and we take that seriously. We want to change the standard that has been set in the industry as far as quality and honesty. All of our products are made with natural, vegan, plant-based, earth-based, hand made and human inspected, always.



Putting quality ingredients on your skin is just as important as the ingredients you put in your body. Your skin is the largest organ your body has and absorbs approximately 64% of what you put on it. So we made sure that every ingredient put into our products are not only  pronounceable, but safe, gentle and nourishing to your skin. 


where it’s honestly made


We make all of our products by hand in the USA right here in the city of SAN DIEGO, CA. We source all of our materials from fair trade manufacturers in the USA as well as our packaging. we take pride in the quality and labor involved in the making of our products.


Contact Us

we want to hear from you! We want to know your praises, your concerns, your questions, your ideas and your feedback. we not only want to be as transparent as possible, but we wanted to be obvious with our transparency, hence — our name.

the honest botanist.

We will get back to you as soon as we can, usually in less than 24 hours regarding your concerns, curiosities, or customer service needs.


The #HNSTBTNST team <3

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